What Is Reiki

There are many definitions of Reiki, the Life Energy.  To me Reiki is never ending light energy that anyone can channels to anything – person, animals, plants, group, or situations.  This life energy often relaxes a person, in this state healing can begin.  It is a beautiful universal energy that is here to help us.

About Rachel

I invite you to continue your healing journey with me.  Learn about yourself on a deeper level, leave your worries and fears behind you.  I would love to share all the healing energies with you, or better yet teach you how. Listen Here for more on Rachel


All services are personal and confidential.  They are created just for you. A typical session is 60  minutes, but full Rainbow Reiki treatment can take place in only 20 minutes.


Healing Energy is for everyone!  Learn how to heal yourself and others by taking a Rainbow Reiki I & II Class or Angelic Healing.  Classes are always starting, or take a personal lesson.


What is Distant Healing?

A Distance Healing Session is when you, the client, call a healer for a session. Distant healing sessions can take place across a room, or across continents. The client places him or herself in a relaxed place where they are laying down or in a relaxed position as they converse with the healer via phone, Skype, FaceTime or other methods.

Chakra Work

Receiving regular body work/energy work can be an essential part of a wellness program. Keeping your Seven Main Chakras in balance means a happy and productive life. Each Chakra (or spiritual disc) holds personal information about you- what you fear, what you love, how you communicate, etc…  It helps not only your emotional and spiritual self but your physical self too.

Pain Relief

Rainbow Reiki creates a path of energy that immediately starts the healing process without any manipulation. Wonderful results happen to people suffering with knee or back pain. Reiki has been shown to decrease recovery time after surgery.  Ideal for pregnant woman or others who cannot get a traditional massage or do not like to be touched.

Emotional Detox

We are constantly bombarded with fear in our modern world.  We need to give ourselves a break and release tensions from every day life.  Angelic Lightwork opens your heart so you can first forgive yourself, then the situation.  Releasing the past helps release the pain in our body.  Stomach issues, back issues can be caused by emotional stress. With the help of your personal Angels, they will help you let go of issues or baggage you no longer need to carry, and let the pain go.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Can Rainbow Reiki do For Me?

It can help you heal yourself, and change your life.  Depending on the level of Reiki mastery of the person and how open the recipient is results can be outstanding, and instant. Rainbow Reiki is more efficient way of doing traditional Reiki. It can help you heal a broken bone in a shorten amount of time, open up your chakras for better yoga training, help cancer patients dealing with chemo therapy, harmonize allergies, most physical ailments will benefit a session.     Reiki works with modern medicine- IT IS NOT TO BE USE IN REPLACEMENT OF GOING TO THE DOCTOR!  Rainbow Reiki is wonderful for healthy people too, to prevent future problems or aid in personal spiritual growth  

What Does Reiki Feel Like?

The energy has different reactions for each person, because it is a very personal service and because every Reiki practice is different.  Some people feel a tingling in their body, some feel heat, some say it’s like a weight was being lifted, some have visions and see colors or guides, others can feel muscles moving or bones mending.  And yet it’s still very common to feel nothing but feeling of being extremely relaxed. I find the more energy work you do and the more open you are to Spiritual the more you feel and see. There is no one feeling.  It’s what ever you are comfortable with because it about YOUR healing- if you don’t accept the energy than nothing will happen.  But if you accept the energy and know it will help you, then anything can happen. 

How Does it Work?

Reiki is the Universal Energy that flows through all of us and everything.  It is part of God (or whatever you prefer to call the Creative Source, Universe) and could be said that it is guided by the Great Goddess (Mother Earth, Quan Yin, Mother Mary or Senja Kannon…).  It is a wonderful healing energy that flows through the Reiki practitioner or Master to the client.  The energy does not come from the person doing Reiki rather it flows through them to the person receiving the healing energy. Since it is not my energy, this explains why distant Rainbow Reiki works so well- it is univeral life energy! 

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